If you wish to be married in the Catholic Church you should normally approach the parish priest in the parish where you live. It is not uncommon, however, for young adults to get married in the parish where they grew up and where their parents probably still live.
The priest or deacon who is going to conduct the ceremony will meet with the couple at least on four occasions.
In addition, there are marriage preparation courses run twice a year within the Local Pastoral Area. The courses are run in conjunction with the parochial clergy of the area and aim to: • promote the understanding and acceptance of marriage as a sacrament (comprising a special relationship with the qualities of personal and unreserved consent, mutual self-giving, and public commitment, which is lifelong, faithful and exclusive); • increase couples' grasp of relationships and how they work, change and develop; • explore skills maintaining successful relationships.
The primary concern and focus of the sessions is the well-being of the couple. For the public commitment and good celebration and living of marriage, each will need to be confident that this is the one with whom they want to share the rest of their lives. To help make that work out like that: they have to appreciate who they are and what made them like they are; they have to recognise the quality of the relationship they share as a couple; and they have to grasp what makes a relationship secure and lasting.
The course concentrates on the qualities and the techniques that go to make up a good and lasting marriage…….
• communication
• conflict management
• commitment
• spirituality
• sexuality
• self-esteem
This is part of the Church's mission to help make marriages work. Marriage is a vocation for the fulfilment of many individuals in God's plan. Strong stable marriages make strong families which makes a strong society.
Normally two courses are run every year.
Philip and Sara White are mainly responsible. Philip is a deacon and both are trained relationship counsellors working voluntarily for Catholic Marriage Care (of which Philip is chaplain of the Liverpool and Wirral Centre).
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