SPRED– Special Religious Education
SPRED is a programme aimed at reaching out to, and being with, people with disabilities. For example, in our Holy Name Parish is a small group of six “young people” with a variety of disabilities. Each young person has a special friend and all meet together in the parish hall on alternate Thursdays during term time from 6 to 8 in the evening. On the other Thursdays the adults meet for a short planning and sharing session.
The purpose of SPRED is to share with our special friends something of the sense of community and shared faith that we are blessed with as active members of the Holy Name Parish. None of us believes alone, we all need to belong in order for our faith to grow. In SPRED we set out, actively, to welcome, make visible, and celebrate those who are at risk of being marginalised because of their disability. The group has been active in the Parish for some 20 years – time has not stood still for either our 'young people' or for us helpers. Our capacity to welcome new SPRED members is limited and we urgently need more volunteers. No previous qualification or experience is necessary, we can easily show you the SPRED way of “being with” our special friends and you will soon find out if SPRED is for you. You might like to start by offering to sit with us as an observer one evening.
Christine Prothero (Holy Name) 0151 652 2488
Sue Blackwell (St Joseph's Birkenhead) 0151 645 0955